The Philippines’ pioneer
institute for tuberculosis
prevention, treatment,
and research

PTSI has been at the forefront in the battle against TB since 1910. The Society is committed to eliminating TB and helping achieve a better quality of life for Filipinos while improving the country’s socio-economic development.

Free and accessible TB care for every Filipino

PTSI complements the government's National Tuberculosis Program in the detection, treatment, and control of TB in the country. We offer free and accessible TB care for all.

Learn about tuberculosis’ (TB) symptoms, causes, and treatment

Like COVID-19, TB is an epidemic. Every day, about 70 Filipinos die from this curable and preventable disease.

Celebrating 113 years at the forefront of battling TB in the Philippines

From two small clinics in the slums of Manila to multiple centers across the country, PTSI continues its legacy of patient and community-centered care to this day.​

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Get in touch with PTSI

A leader in TB research, training, and clinical management

As a trusted partner to the public and private sectors, PTSI drives strategic collaboration among key stakeholders in the fight against TB.

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PTSI operates 8 chest clinics and dispensaries and 2 multidrug-resistant TB centers across the country.

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